Partnering you.

Our primary goal is to deliver the results that matter to our clients. And our clients tell us we’re effective, creative, easy to work with and make their jobs easier.

So we must be doing something right.

These long-term client relationships are important to us, with some spanning more than 20 years. This loyalty is earned through our professionalism, reliability and absolute commitment to consistently delivering the best possible outcome.

Our team of around 25 have a passion for delivering powerful work, for us and our clients. Our team is enhanced by a wide network of specialist partners who allow us to always bring the best thinking and outcomes.


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Our values. CLEAR.

Everything we do is underpinned by our CLEAR values.

Client-First. We breathe great client service. It’s an instinct rather than a job, something ingrained in our DNA.

Leading-Edge. We understand what’s needed then pursue what’s possible. Bold, curious and never afraid to push our thinking to deliver fresh perspectives.

Evolving. We take the long view for us and our clients, constantly looking to grow as a company and as individuals. We try, we learn, we adapt and then do it all again.

As One. Our best results come when we work as a team with our clients, bringing together our talents and ideas to create something greater than the parts.

Real. Straight-up and clear, that’s how we work with clients and each other. We take responsibility to do what we say we will. No surprises. No hidden agenda. No bull.

Working with us.

Sure, we’re business-savvy, strategic and creative. But we’re also system and process-driven. This helps us stick to deadlines, achieve results, and meet and exceed your expectations. Here are some of the disciplines we apply to do this successfully:

  • A dedicated account manager: Your primary contact who gets to know your business, your requirements and the way you like to work.
  • A comprehensive briefing process: We make sure we fully understand your business objectives and what we need to deliver.
  • A project plan: Agreed with you at the start of a project that includes cross-checks and sign-off milestones.
  • Regular communication: Good communications are what we do and we apply that to the way we work with you.
  • Certainty: We usually work to a fixed price and scope of work, giving clients certainty of what it will cost and what they'll get. If the scope changes, we provide new estimates.

Our Team. Brainpower, talent & attitude.

Together, we have a depth and breadth of experience that is hard to beat. We have a team of 25+ across Auckland and Wellington servicing clients around New Zealand.

Giannoulis, Steven
Steven Giannoulis
Steven Giannoulis, CEO & Strategic Director

With a strong heritage of planning and implementing effective brand and marketing initiatives, Steven focuses 24 years of experience to successfully engineer the big strategic objectives - balanced with a deep understanding of crafting campaign nuance. Leveraging his strong corporate affairs background, Steven continues to be influential in delivering effective communication strategies for many of New Zealand's big brands.

Spreys, Anna
Anna Spreys
Anna Spreys, Finance and Administration Manager

Anna is an indispensable asset to our leadership team, dedicated to fostering satisfaction among our shareholders, staff, and customers alike. She approaches every task with real passion, consistently exceeding expectations. Armed with a can-do attitude, a meticulous eye for detail, and impeccable organizational skills, Anna is the engine that drives our business. Having previously obtained her Postgraduate business studies, she now sets her sights on even greater achievements with her CPA qualification firmly in hand.

Leisky, Rainer
Rainer Leisky
Rainer Leisky, Production Director

Heading up the production team, Rainer successfully balances experience with learning to deliver the best possible solution - regardless of whether print or pixel. Underpinning his approach, he embodies accuracy, speed and technological insight to constantly reinforce the delivery of even the most complex challenges - every time.

Jennings, Nicholas
Nicholas Jennings
Nicholas Jennings, Senior Interactive Producer

Nicholas is a naturally creative thinker who's passionate about emerging technologies. With a degree in Creative Technologies from AUT, he's worked in various industries, including Psychometric Testing and Finance. He's a firm believer in the value of learning from failures and proves it by representing New Zealand in Kendama (#35th World, #1 New Zealand)

Otto, Jo
Jo Otto
Jo Otto, Senior Artworker/Assistant Traffic Manager

Jo has been delivering successful projects for the design and advertising industry for most of her career and has played a key role in the high standards surrounding the Insight production team for the last 6+ years. She is fast, accurate, and has a keen eye for detail - all underpinned with strong organisational skills. Not content with just Photoshop mastery, Jo has more recently turned her attention towards delivering digital solutions via a new suite of tools.

Ross, Josephine
Josephine Ross
Josephine Ross, Senior Designer

Jo is a senior designer with 10 years' experience in both design and advertising agencies. A keen adventurer, she worked in Vancouver for a couple of years before heading back to Auckland to make her mark on the industry here. She enjoys all aspects of design, particularly developing new brand experiences for clients.

Morris, Becca
Becca Morris
Becca Morris, Senior Account Manager

Becca is an experienced account manager, having delivered several successful campaigns for high profile brands in the UK and New Zealand. With a background in communications, Becca has honed her project management skills working on a variety of campaigns for consumer and corporate clients; from launching new stores, products and collections for global retailers, to managing branding projects, and delivering PR campaigns.

Tisdall, Mike
Mike Tisdall
Mike Tisdall, Strategic Planner & Founding Director

Over 48 years, Mike has developed Insight from a one-man design agency based in Auckland to a business-focused creative consultancy with offices in Auckland and Wellington. Mike's expertise in corporate communications, investor relations communications, investor branding, annual and integrated reporting has established an industry trust and respect which has led to client relationships lasting over 25 years.

Saw, Chrissy
Chrissy Saw
Chrissy Saw, Artworker

Chrissy has experience across both the design and advertising landscapes (in Auckland and Wellington) and consistently delivers her artworking expertise to the highest of standards and the tightest of deadlines.  Originally from Malaysia, Chrissy also possesses an amazing talent for linguistics - being fluent in three languages and four Chinese dialects.

Johnson, Simon
Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson, Senior Digital Producer

With a wealth of experience working in a range of business sectors and digital disciplines, Simon offers a unique combination of production, project management and client service experience with an extensive commercial portfolio. Permanently curious, Simon tracks down new technologies and methods to evolve go-to-market solutions.

Wallace, Monique
Monique Wallace
Monique Wallace, Account Director

Monique is passionate about branding and delivering projects that exceed expectations. She brings a wealth of agency experience working both in New Zealand and the UK with a strong foundation of brand and corporate design experience. Monique has developed her account & project management skills working with a variety of clients including Mighty River Power, Auckland Airport, Cadbury and Coca Cola.

Smith, Mason
Mason Smith
Mason Smith, Project/Print Director

Mason's experience delivering quality print solutions has earned him many accolades over the 20+ years in the design & print industry. Possessing a meticulous eye for detail and an unwavering standard of quality has delivered many industry awards during his career. More recently Mason has been continuously selected by industry peers to join the yearly judging panels of 'Pride in Print'. In addition to his own pride in print, Mason also delivers the same high standards in the client services arena across many of Insight's clients.

Jariol, Ravenne
Ravenne Jariol
Ravenne Jariol, Digital Designer

Ravenne offers a fresh view as an intern for the digital team. With experience in combining physical and digital mediums, she brings her enjoyment for all things interactive and the willingness to try anything new.

Chu, Ying
Ying Chu
Ying Chu, Senior Designer

With 15 years of solid design experience behind her working in multi-disciplined studios and freelancing, Ying is motivated to help businesses grow through well-considered creative solutions. She has collaborated with clients large and small, and has an obsession for craft and detail, driven by her desire to make beautiful visuals that are conceptually compelling.

Hooper, Edwin
Edwin Hooper
Edwin Hooper, Design Director

As a seasoned veteran, Edwin brings years of experience across all areas of corporate communications both in New Zealand and Australia. Creatively meticulous, he invests heavily into his craft and constantly delivers solutions that surprise and engage audiences - both on-paper and on-screen.

Sweetman, Jeremy
Jeremy Sweetman
Jeremy Sweetman, Director, Digital Experience

Bringing 20 years' experience to the Insight team, Jeremy has delivered digital solutions throughout New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Having worked with many global brands, he prides himself on delivering memorable user experiences balanced with core commercial objectives.

Saris, Paul
Paul Saris
Paul Saris, Group Account Director

Hailing from the Netherlands, Paul brings 20+ years of international experience to the team; his knowledge influenced by successfully working in NZ, Australia and his country of origin. Through his experience in design & advertising agencies and the manufacturing sector, Paul can quickly identify requirements relating to the clients' needs, resulting in projects that are both rewarding creatively and financially successful.

Collins, Pia
Pia Collins
Pia Collins, Account Director

Pia is a creative, people focused and highly organised project manager. With over 10 years advertising and marketing experience, she has worked with numerous top-tier brands across a wide variety of sectors. Pia has a proven track record of delivering all sorts of creative projects, campaigns and programmes and for building enduring relationships with her clients.

Slade, Brian
Brian Slade
Brian Slade, Creative Director

With 20 years' professional experience in New Zealand, Scotland & England, Brian is undoubtedly one of New Zealand's best creative talents. Brian has an intuitive feeling for business issues, which teams up with his ability to see the big picture. His easy-going manner and quiet charm ensure he relates easily and quickly to people whether at strategic or tactical levels of business.

Raduch, Jon
Jon Raduch
Jon Raduch, Design Director

Beginning his career in the UK, Jon built a strong foundation in the fields of design and advertising before making the move to New Zealand, where he has continued to extend his craft across both print and digital. He has a passion for tackling complex creative challenges and delivering strong visual solutions that drive results for clients.

Lussier-Craig, Alex
Alex Lussier-Craig
Alex Lussier-Craig, Senior Account Manager

Alex is a seasoned project manager with over 10 years’ experience in delivering projects across a wide variety of formats, from translations for corporate communications to immersive experiences for theme park attractions. Originally from Canada, Alex is a versatile problem-solver with a passion for delivering creative solutions, on-time and on-budget.

Thompson, Emma
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson, Account Manager

A seasoned Account Director, Emma has retail, brand and design experience working in both design and advertising agencies. With a can-do attitude and a great eye for detail, Emma has worked with a wide range of clients over the years including Vodafone, Spark Digital and NZ Cricket.

Evans, Claire
Claire Evans
Claire Evans, Account Director

Claire is a world-class account manager with a keen eye for detail. Having spent time in the London agency scene, she brings strong organisational skills to the Insight team along with an unflappable attitude that ensures projects are consistently delivered on brand, on time and within budget.

Das Neves, Marisa
Marisa Das Neves
Marisa Das Neves, Senior Artworker

Marisa has worked in various industries, from corporate through to creative agencies, in New Zealand and overseas. She has advanced her skills within both the digital and print spheres and is always pushing her boundaries to learn something new. She has a keen eye for detail, is well organised, self-motivated, and takes pride in delivering quality work. In a nutshell, she’s a Jack(ie) of all trades.

Awards. Yes, we've won a few.

We’ve won countless national and international awards for our client work – for communications effectiveness, for creativity, for user experience, and for design.

Peer recognition is great but not as important as the rewards our work gives our clients.

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Our community.
Doing the right things for people and planet.

We recognise that we have a role to play in our community. Every year we invest our time and energy in helping good causes, from vulnerable children, environmental projects, small business starting up, through to supporting the creative community.

We also believe in doing what we can with recycling and the choices we make with and for clients regarding environmentally-friendly design, printing and production. All staff are given a day per year to volunteer in the community.


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