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Learnings from the 2023 reporting season

5 Oct 2023 by Mike Tisdall

Each year around this time I look back at the many annual and integrated reports we have produced since the beginning of the year, trying to discern t…

Sustainability reporting: Are you only half doing it?

31 Aug 2023 by Mike Tisdall

An important component of Sustainability is too often completely ignored. Particularly right now.

Sustainability Reports (and their precursor CSR Rep…

Brand as your competitive advantage

25 Jan 2023 by Mike Tisdall

Today, everyone competes everywhere

We all compete for attention, market share, the customers we have, the customers we want, share of mind, share of…

What's in a name: Sustainability vs ESG?

22 Nov 2022 by Mike Tisdall

What’s the difference? It’s in how you tell the story!

I’ve always thought of ESG as just a continuum of sustainability, which was just a continuum o…

10 reflections from the 2022 Reporting Season

4 Oct 2022 by Mike Tisdall

As we come to the end of the main 2022 reporting period and having worked on a good dozen reports over the last few months, I reflect briefly on the t…

Are logos really all starting to look the same?

11 Aug 2022 by Mike Tisdall

A recent article in Creative Bloq resonated strongly with observations I had recently been processing regarding the convergence in style of corporate…

Annual reporting trends: portrait or landscape?

20 Jul 2022 by Mike Tisdall

Or to put it another way, do we stay in a print mentality or shift to thinking ‘digital-first’?

Although the forward thinkers led the way last year,…

Integrated Reports: One document or torn asunder?

23 Jun 2022 by Mike Tisdall

Every year lately, this question comes up from a number of clients: should the financials be part of the integrated report or a separate document?


Global reporting frameworks converge - at last

24 Feb 2022 by Mike Tisdall

I have a vivid memory. Back in the early ‘80s, Auckland City Council unveiled a beautiful new public space above a new underground parking building. I…

The 2021 reporting season: observations from the coalface.

18 Nov 2021 by Mike Tisdall

Response & responsibility

Last month we reflected on the unlikely juxtaposition of agile Covid responses and the continuing evolution of corporat…

The start of something wonderful

19 Oct 2021 by Mike Tisdall

This week Insight Creative launched Mīharo, our new innovation lab. We caught up with Jeremy Sweetman, Insight’s Director of Digital Experiences, who…

Covid's influence on the 2021 annual reporting season

14 Oct 2021 by Mike Tisdall

In annual reporting there are slow moving trends and faster moving responses to market environments.

This year we observed the confluence of both: th…