Helping kids to stay safe

Client: Vector

vectoreducation digital 2

Vector’s award winning Safety in Schools programme required a design refresh to bring it up-to-date and make it more relevant to Kiwi kids.

Through developing a quirky, child-friendly character (‘Zot the Energybot’) and incorporating locally commissioned illustrations with photography, we created a series of fun, engaging and educational materials to breathe new life into Vector’s schools’ programme. 

The website is a key part of the programme; it provides additional information to children and teachers and is used within the classroom environment, along with printed workbooks, to extend the learning experience.

The structure of the site was kept intentionally simple to allow for easy viewing by children on both desktop and mobile devices. It is divided into three distinct sections that reflect the three areas of the programme: ‘Stay Safe Around Electricity’, ‘Discover Natural Gas’ and ‘Be Sustainable With Energy’. The sections are differentiated by colour and illustration but share a common layout and graphic approach.