Show your fun side

Client: DLA Phillips Fox

dlaxmas digital 1

DLA Phillips Fox wanted to show they are lawyers with a real personality, so asked us to develop a playful interactive Christmas card for their clients and contacts.

Our idea was to allow recipients to create a postcard of their ideal Christmas. Creatively inspired by The Exquisite Corpse drawing game, recipients selected three Christmas holiday activities, from a menu of 21 themes. ‘Head, body and leg parts’ combined to create a perfect Christmas hybrid image.

The Brief

Over the last two years we have been working with leading law firm DLA Phillips Fox to help differentiate them, in an extremely competitive market, as a more personable, real, approachable and engaging law firm.

Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and show that the organisation has a sense of humour. Our brief was to create a playful interactive Christmas card that staff members could send out to their clients and contacts.

The Solution

Our idea was to create a Christmas postcard that allowed those who received it to picture their ideal Christmas. Creatively inspired by Andre Breton’s The Exquisite Corpse drawing game, recipients selected three Christmas holiday activities, from a menu of 21 themes. Head, body and leg parts combined to create a ‘hybrid image’ to represent the perfect Christmas.  

All 21 themes were fully illustrated and included reading, BBQ, at the beach, skiing, sleeping and boating. Smarts built into the programme gave certain themes weighted importance allowing the ideal combination of parts to come together to produce the best overall postcard image.  Sound effects further added to the sense of fun

A printed version was also available for those who preferred sending out a physical Christmas card.

A send it function allowed the postcard to be mailed out to clients but it also allowed recipients to then share it with their own networks.  Effectively, the postcard became a marketing tool for promoting the organisation to existing and potential clients. The card lived within the DLA Phillips Fox website ensuring that the company’s branding was always prominent and that people were always encouraged to interact with the site.

To integrate the Christmas theme into the website more, Santa and Mrs Clause doodles were added to all the people photos on the site, further reinforcing the human aspect of the DLA team.

The Result

The team at DLA loved the concept and embraced it whole-heartedly. The feedback from those who received the postcard has been extremely positive and it has contributed to further enhancing DLA’s positioning in the market.  Analytics show that it did go viral, beyond the initial client list.  And the new ‘human’ positioning exhibited on the postcard and website has directly contributed to attracting new clients to the firm.