Use your assets<br>to cross-sell

Client: Te Papa Tongarewa

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Te Papa’s Venues’ offering is unique, drawing from an environment that revolves around the museum’s exhibition collections.

The idea through our marketing programme, including the website, was to make these ‘juicy bits’ work in Venues’ favour, showcasing the appealing side of Te Papa’s offer that is more than mere space for rent, and engage both the hearts and minds of their clients.

The Brief

Our National Museum, Te Papa, loves bringing people together, enabling experiences that are new and innovative. They understand how inspirational and productive relaxing in a creative environment can be, by providing memorable spaces. Working with Te Papa’s hospitality division, we were able to significantly contribute to the profile of Te Papa Venues.

The website’s content is designed to support the technical aspects of Te Papa’s spaces and the related services on offer. However, what makes the website unique is how it has integrated many of the museum’s artifacts. It has fully embraced the relationship between the functional and the emotive aspects of their clients’ needs and decision-making process.

The Solution

The design draws from the ‘hearts and minds’ core concept we developed for the brand identity for Te Papa Venues, allowing the functional and emotive aspects take their rightful place within the website environment.

As the website grows over time, new content continues to be curated to reflect the strong relationship between Te Papa the museum, its objects and the experiences it enables as well as the environments and services that are on offer though Te Papa Venues.