Transforming science

Client: ESR

esr digital 1

With a new mandate and a new brand to support it, ESR required a very commercial and marketing-focused website. 

It was a critical component in their repositioning from government science laboratory to New Zealand’s answer to CSI, not only because of its high visibility but also because it became the starting point for changing how they engaged with their audiences.

ESR deal with a large number of audience groups with quite different backgrounds and needs – police, other government departments, industry, media and others. So the most critical aspect of our work was understanding how the design, structure and content would work for the different groups.

We conducted a number of stakeholder workshops to understand requirements and supported this with end-user work to understand their content requirements and how they would engage with the site. This work allowed us to develop the required site structure, wireframes and content matrix. From this solid understanding of user group requirements, we were able to design the User Experience, plan the optimal Information Architecture and site structure, and design all the templates across all devices.