Our philosophy. Align internal
behaviours with external positioning.

Many organisations say that their staff are their greatest asset, but then fail to effectively engage their team on where the business is going and the role they play getting there.

We believe the best brands are built inside out. To achieve this outcome, we work closely with our clients to development engagement, culture, values, health and safety, training, induction, wellbeing and high performance and other communication programmes that align the internal talk and behaviours with the desired external positioning.


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Strategic Creative in action.

Here’s how we apply strategic creative to deliver internal engagement results for our clients. All our major internal engagement projects go through a disciplined process to ensure effective thinking and design.

Discovery Employee Engagement

1. Discovery

Every job starts by understanding your business and internal communication challenges and your employee engagement levels. We build this understanding through discussions with you, research and focus groups with your staff and management.

Deliverables may include:

  • Insights discovery workshops
  • Staff and management focus groups
  • Internal communications audit
  • Engagement monitor review
  • Staff perception assessment
  • Expression of your communication challenge
Strategy Employee Engagement

2. Strategy

Our thinking is always driven by audience insights. We seek to understand the fundamental needs that drive your employees; the actions and messages that will change their perceptions and behaviours; and assess the right messages, channels and mediums to reach them. The core strategy is to move staff along the continuum of awareness through to acceptance, action and, ultimately, advocacy.

Deliverables may include:

  • Internal communications framework
  • Mission and Purpose communications
  • Values programme
  • Health & safety programmes
  • Induction communications
  • Wellbeing and high-performance communications
  • Medium and channel planning
  • Launch strategy
  • Embedding strategy and programme
  • Recruitment brand positioning
Expression Employee Engagement

3. Expression

Taking the strategic plan, we develop the elements to engage your people, creating the tone and mood needed to gain their trust and attention, deliver cut-through, overcome scepticism and drive results.

Our expression work is always driven by a single-minded idea, reinforced at multiple touchpoints and in multiple ways.

Deliverables may include:

  • Ideation territories
  • Design concepts
  • Collateral recommendations and approaches
  • Internal expression of the brand story
  • Internal brand identity and tone of voice
  • Environmental design
  • Integrated physical and digital plans
Execution Employee Engagement

4. Execution

Applying the thinking and creative ideas allows us to design each element to maximise cohesion and effectiveness. Careful design crafting takes a good idea and makes it great, giving it impact and creating an enjoyable user experience.

Deliverables may include:

  • Communications programmes and campaigns
  • Printed collateral
  • Induction materials
  • Merchandise
  • Interactive activities
  • Social executions
  • Fit-out and installation
  • Intranets/communication platforms
  • Training programmes
  • Launch material, events and activities
Post live Employee Engagement 4

5. Post-live

Our work doesn’t end when an internal programme is launched. To be effective, internal programmes must be ongoing and iterative, and not treated as a campaign. So at the post-live stage, the focus is on monitoring performance, continual improvement and learning – and rolling out a long-term programme that takes employees on a journey from awareness, through understanding and acceptance, to embedded changed behaviours and, finally, internal and external advocacy. 

Deliverables may include:

  • Internal brand and communication guidelines
  • Staff engagement monitoring and programme assessment

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