Long term relationship

Client: Transpower

transpower brand 5

Transpower is unique in New Zealand’s energy supply chain as it is the sole state owned enterprise responsible for planning, building, maintaining and operating the national grid that transports electricity from where it is generated to where it is used. It is essential that New Zealand has a strong, safe and secure transmission platform for sustainable growth. Following the establishment of Transpower in 1994, the organisation’s clear mandate helped us to create a robust brand identity and collateral that established Transpower as a significant national asset.

In 2004, Transpower looked to develop its asset base particularly in the North Island that warranted considerable public consultation. A comprehensive set of campaign collateral successfully helped to engage their stakeholders in a way that was fresh, innovative and very new to Transpower.

Four years later in 2008, Transpower decided to refresh its brand presence as it entered the build phase of its asset development programme. Due to the need to be cost effective and efficient, a condensed review of their key brand touch points, and a clear brief on what was required, resulted in a clearly defined brand position and visual language that is still evolving to this day. During this time, the brand has moved from a more traditional looking identity using a colour palette of copper, to a refreshed and much cleaner looking identity that reflects a forward looking Transpower where many technological and innovative solutions are developed to keep New Zealand's energy flowing.

We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Transpower on their brand internally and externally through a number of changes in the industry and their organisation over the last few years.