Be well, because
you deserve it.

Client: EQC.

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) asked us to create an ‘umbrella’ brand and internal campaign around a series of organisational development initiatives linked to wellbeing for EQC staff.

The rapid growth of the EQC workforce to enable a suitable response to natural disaster events, has at times created a demanding and challenging working environment for staff. To assist, EQC developed a range of internal initiatives to assist staff coping with emotional, physical and financial concerns. Promoting EQC’s wellbeing initiatives under a common look & feel made it easier for staff to understand each component of the wellbeing programme, what the components are and how they can be accessed.

The visual language developed for this initiative has a distinctive look with graphics and colour treatment that stand out and are instantly recognisable. Messages are succinct, and rather than talk at people they are designed to engage using an informal and colloquial tone.

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