X marks the spot

Client: Albury City

albury nexus environ 4

Our brief was to create a signature signage piece to act as the central identifier for a new Industrial Precinct. It needed to express the brand idea for AlburyCity (An Australian Oasis) while utilising the essence of an industrial park. 

It also had to be a physical representation of a wider identity for a new industrial precinct that demonstrates the innovative approach to industrial development that AlburyCity wishes to promote to attract new business.

Nexus, means to create a connection, usually where multiple elements meet, like a hub.  This was a strong, gutsy and confident word and mark that positions the industrial site as a central location and draws on industrial elements to deliver a powerful elevated proposition. We highlighted the idea of a connector or hub of industry by interlocking two 40 foot containers in an almost inexplicable balancing act as an 'X' utilising materials found in the industrial environment that are prefabricated, helping to reduce the costs of production.