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Building culture while WFH

18 Jun 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

Like many businesses, we’re faced with the challenge of getting the balance right between working from home (WFH) and culture-building time in the off…

Does your brand still resonate?

4 Jun 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

Change and disruption is happening at an unprecedented rate and that impacts how relevant brands remain with their customers. Businesses aspire to gar…

Find stories in the numbers

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 6 of 6
The data you’ve collected for your Sustainability story can become a bank that’s constantly mined to save resources and enhance your st…

Gathering your data

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 5 of 6
Gathering the Sustainability data you need from across your organisation in a timely fashion is a bit like herding cats. It takes time,…

Layering your stories

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 4 of 6
So you’ve collected all your data (see Article 5), now how best to convey it to your audiences? Where’s the balance between engaging st…

Single or multiple reports?

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 3 of 6
Should your annual report be one comprehensive document or a suite of documents? It’s been a hot debate for years. But the argument for…

Know your audiences

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 2 of 6
With so much to report, how do you help your stakeholders find the information they specifically need? Ask yourself these questions: “W…

Untangling the web of requirements for Sustainability/ESG Reporting

28 May 2024 by Mike Tisdall

Article 1 of 6
Unless you have a clear view of the entire reporting landscape, the onslaught of additional ESG reporting requirements can be overwhelm…

Growing into your skin

27 May 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

Like most Kiwis my identity has been shaped by more than one ethnic culture. May be that is why the issue of our national identity fascinates me so. I…

Carrying the 'tough' lessons forward

15 Apr 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

As another financial year ticks over and we start to focus on the next three-year strategic plan, I’ve been reflecting on the learnings from the tough…

Lessons in innovation

18 Jan 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

We established the Mīharo innovation lab in late 2021 as a vehicle to grow our creative thinking, keep learning and developing as individuals and as a…

Looking ahead to stay ahead

11 Dec 2023 by Steven Giannoulis

There are both threats and opportunities on the horizon that a little planning today will help you better prepare for.

As a small business it’s easy,…