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Client: Puke Ariki

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Puke Ariki is an innovative museum, library and information centre that combines learning, knowledge and heritage for a visitor experience that is like no other.

Asked to design an interactive display to tell the Taranaki tribal rugby story, we brought their story to life through the eyes of the region's tribes and teams.

The Brief

Puke Ariki asked us to develop a truly local response to the Rugby World Cup (RWC) that gave back to a community where rugby plays a big role in the daily lives of its people. The challenge was to design content that worked as an interactive display and just as well as a storytelling piece on the web.

The Solution

Rather than yet another rugby showcase, we worked with Puke Ariki to develop a storytelling interactive that captured the spirit of the community through the eyes of rugby and the trophies won.

The story was built around the region's past and current tribes and teams and their family, friends and community. The shields and trophies acted as both hero displays and navigators.

The overall display covered 17 taonga including trophies, cups and shields. An interactive kiosk allowed visitors to navigate through the display, see photos, listen and watch interviews, and read up on local rugby stories, clubs and personalities. Sound and music added further depth to the experience. The display was adapted to tell an equally powerful story on the web.

The Result

Public feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The exhibition generated an increased number of visitors to Puke Ariki and was featured in coverage of RWC games played locally.  All in all, the client and the locals were very pleased with the outcome.