Getting the balance right

Client: Kiwi Property Group

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Balancing the messaging between longer-term strategies and the more immediate imperatives required by the current environment needs a steady hand.

The Brief

Economic uncertainty has played havoc with the strategic planning for many listed companies. While many companies had clear long-term action plans in place, the state of the playing field necessitated some shorter term reprioritisations. Kiwi Property Group is a clear case in point. For an annual report, the storytelling needs to be finely balanced. That needed to be our starting point.

The Solution

Getting the plurality of messaging right was key, and our first priority was to capture and convey the balanced story of prudent constraint against the reassurance that overall strategy is sound and being activated, as and when conditions called for it. Two examples of the latter were the progression of the first Build-to-Rent construction at Sylvia Park, and instigating the earthworks at the new metropolitan centre at Drury. These were both highlighted with case studies in the resulting annual report.

This year their story on ESG matters was further advanced, and a Sustainability Report was designed and produced as part of the reporting suite, along with a Property Compendium, provided detailed information on the properties within their portfolio.

From a design perspective, our focus was on the storytelling and communicating the core brand positioning of ‘Creating Connected Communities’. We wanted to hero authentic, human stories within Kiwi Properties and organised a number of photoshoots across different centres to capture genuine moments within their environments. These were woven throughout the reports to support our strategy. Layout of imagery was layered and agile to reflect the responsive nature of the business.

The visual approach was stripped back to crisp simplicity, keeping the brand presence clean and uncluttered. Key brand colours were used to clearly differentiate between the three reports within the suite. The design was kept uncomplicated and considered – keeping the messaging as the focus.

The Results

The annual reporting suite was well received by Kiwi Property’s Board and investors, who appreciated the clear articulation of the company’s strategic direction. Readership of the annual and sustainability reports increased year-on-year, as did dwell times, highlighting the engaging nature of the content and the manner in which it was presented.