Client: Insight Creative

Values 2

Insight’s own internal culture programme follows our strategic playbook. 

We applied to ourselves exactly what we preach to our clients about internal engagement programmes.

The Brief

A team is just a collection of talented individuals unless they all work together towards a common goal. Culture is the glue that binds them together, with values shaping a culture that allows a team to act as one.

With this in mind, we established a culture team to encapsulate what we value as a team. Once defined, the focus was on launching them to staff to ensure the values weren’t just words but actions that drove how we behave every day.

The Solution

An entire month was dedicated to the launch programme, taking us through an engagement process of awareness, acceptance, adoption to embedding.

We launched the values with a blank cube. Each day of the first week of launch we handed out a mysterious brown paper bag containing a values card - announcing the day’s value -  along with an associated gift and values letter to stick to their cube. Leading edge was launched with a Licorice stick and an L sticker. Client-focused with cupcakes and a C sticker. Each day staff were invited to share their thoughts, images and experiences on what that day’s value meant. It wasn’t until all the values were launched that everyone realised that our values were a CLEAR anagram, providing perfect alignment with the external brand proposition of Let’s Be Clear.

A series of understanding, reminder and reinforcement activities followed, incorporated elements of fun and addressing key behaviours like client focus, creativity, collaboration and celebration. This included a Values Bingo Day where staff had to display one of the values themselves while identifying the other values in action amongst their team mates.

The launch programme was concluded with a crafted story book that captures the values and how to live them every day. A lovely conclusion to the programme, as well as an enduring touchstone of the values for both current and future staff.

The design idea was to use the external brand as the connector, providing a clear line of sight to our external brand proposition, while giving each of the five values its own personality and identity.

The Results

The values have immediately infiltrated our language and behaviours – the desired outcome. The CLEAR cube sits proudly on everyone’s desk and values T-shirts are now a popular team uniform. Like our clients, the challenge now remains how do we continue to live the values way beyond the launch phase. We have a plan for this too.