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The 101 of Augmented Reality

27 Aug 2020 by Jeremy Sweetman

By now you've heard about Augmented Reality (AR), but are still really confused about what it all means. What makes it different from VR? Are the…

Does glitter work on everything?

28 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Recently, my daughter had a eureka moment when she realised that by copying her project from Google Docs into a website template, it would invoke a co…

Semi Permanent - Day One

13 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Semi-Permanent has always been a calendar event, but previously there was never really enough ‘digital’ to justify shelling out any sort of investment…

When was the last time you updated your website content?

18 Jan 2018

Your website’s live – you worked so well to get all the copy and images looking their best. Everyone’s happy and the champagne is swinging.

Fast forw…

Designing for Diversity

19 Dec 2017

User-Centered Design exists to reduce the gaps between people. Because more often than not the person designing the product and the person using it ar…

Writing for Awareness

18 Dec 2017

Do you know what type of content our clients should be creating when they’re wanting to:

Educate customers about their new strategic direction for th…

Getting married at first sight

18 Dec 2017

Getting married at first sight is a dumb idea, but a surprisingly good TV show. You go blindly into a massive commitment, things get ugly but you come…

Websites: the end is just the beginning

16 Oct 2017 by Jeremy Sweetman

When I visit a website, I typically (and quickly) scan the homepage. I might scroll just beyond the fold to see what content morsels lie just out of s…

Digital Strategy – old magic, new tricks

19 Jun 2017 by Steven Giannoulis

I'm currently documenting my 'methodology' for creating sound digital strategy, and what strikes me is that there’s no ‘special digital…

The Reign of Content

12 Jun 2017 by Jeremy Sweetman

The continued reign of content online is undisputed. It remains central to any online patronage. It motivates engagement, drives purchases and creates…

Two key websites go live

11 Aug 2015 by Mike Tisdall

Insight launched two important corporate websites on Friday 7 August.

Property for Industry’s new website builds solidly on the down to earth brand s…

Major law firm gets a rebrand

2 Jun 2015 by Mike Tisdall

May saw two exciting developments for law firm, Meredith Connell. First, government announced that the firm had retained the warrant as Auckland'…