Engage different audiences

Client: Tamaki Regeneration Company

tamaki brand 1

Getting both local community and government support to the vision for Tamaki Transformation, New Zealand’s largest urban regeneration programme, required speaking to different audiences but with the same voice.

Making a business case to decision-makers and engaging the enthusiasm of the local Tamaki community required different messages – but they were two sides of the same coin, both sides capturing the colour, energy and spirit of the people of Tamaki and the vision they have for its future.

The Brief

Tamaki Regeneration, born out of the Tamaki Transformation Programme is the largest urban regeneration programme in New Zealand. It is a unique partnership between the community, central and local Government agencies and private investors. The aim is to regenerate Auckland’s Tamaki community of over 16,000 people, through housing, education, employment, transport and social infrastructure initiatives.

After creating the core brand for the Tamaki Regeneration Programme, we were asked to communicate the vision for Tamaki to two distinct audiences:

  • A commercially compelling business case document for shareholders, iwi and other key influencers and decision-makers; and
  • An engaging strategic framework document that captures the local’s vision and the hearts and imagination of the Tamaki community, investors, developers and the many other parties who will contribute the success of Tamaki’s transformation.

The real challenge however was to use these documents to  create a progressive visual identity that resonates with a youthful community while also appearing professional and well-considered to capture the interest (and wallets) of outside partners and stakeholders.

The Solution

Our communication materials focus heavily on the people of Tamaki and the pride they have in their community. Our aim was to reflect the colour and energy that cultural diversity brings to the area. This was supported by imagery of the area’s natural, historic and cultural assets. The inspiration for our design approach was the strength - deeply grounded in history and culture - expressed in the ‘We are Tamaki’ poem provided to us as part of the brief; and our immersion into the Tamaki area where we were struck by the vibrancy, rhythm and energy of the area and its people. We were overwhelmed by the strong sense of community pride beautifully reflected in the well-maintained houses, gardens and neighbourhood parks.

The resulting creative concepts are bold, colourful, expressive, proudly Tamaki-centric, aspirational, unified by culture and heritage, fresh and youthful, professional yet approachable and inviting – while connecting relevantly to the two discrete audience groups.

The Results

The initial feedback, from these first two documents, is that the key target audiences have really embraced the vision for a regenerated Tamaki region. For a programme designed to effect change, this is a great place to start.