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Client: Sport New Zealand

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Sport NZ &amp; High Performance Sport NZ both needed a new brand identity that better reflected their strategic focus and the contribution they make to New Zealand sport from grassroots to elite levels.

By developing both brands simultaneously, a distinctive position for each was established as well as a clear relationship between them. Each identity used a bold, fresh and dynamic visual language to say who they were and what they stood for.

The Brief

After nearly 10 years of being known as Sports & Recreation New Zealand, SPARC changed their name to Sport NZ to better reflect their strategic intent. They also launched High Performance Sport NZ to foster our elite athletes on the world stage. We were asked to develop a distinct identity for each brand with a clear line of sight across both and a direct link back to each brand's values. The solution needed to be strategically and creatively savvy, yet also practical, to work effectively across numerous applications and audiences.

The Solution

Sport NZ is a strong parent brand, capable of leading the sector at a strategic and financial level while also working at a kids, family and community level. To achieve this we developed a visual language which could be dialed up or down for the various audiences. An energetic blue is the hero colour and a palette of secondary colours adds the ability to formalise or collaqualise the brand look and feel. Graphics, including dynamic silhouetted figures, represent sporting opportunities and pathways for all ages.

The High Performance brand captures the highest qualities our athletes showcase on the world stage. Black was the obvious hero colour to represent us as a nation, with graphic elements used to illustrate the qualities of elite athletes. Treated imagery gives a strong focus on the athletes themselves and 'single word messaging' boldly reinforces organisational drivers and qualities.

The Results

It's still too soon to determine to what extent our work has been successful but initial feedback from key stakeholders is extremely positive with many expressing that the new identity effectively reflects who Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ are and what they do for sport at all levels.