Raising capital for NZ Inc

Client: NZ Trade & Enterprise


With New Zealand tourism experiencing rampant growth, constraints are rapidly appearing because of accommodation pressures in key destinations.

New hotel investment is becoming critical and given the scale of that investment, the New Zealand Government charged NZTE with taking the business case to major offshore investment sources.

The Brief

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise sought out Insight’s business storytelling expertise to present a case to primarily Asian and Middle-Eastern investors. Fortunately, the in-depth research uncovered by NZTE provided compelling data. The task became one of logically grouping, sequencing and presenting this information in an attractive and cogent form.

NZTE had identified five key regions where the need was greatest and the investment proposition most explicit.

The solution

First and foremost, the core story needed to be framed and expressed clearly and visually powerfully. We developed three creative platforms to present to NZTE and together we selected the ‘Open for investment’ option. This platform had the advantage of being campaignable through the document – agile enough to segue naturally to each of the regions. For example, Auckland is ‘Open for Business’, Rotorua ‘Open to Experience’, Wellington ‘Open for Creativity’, Christchurch ‘Open to the New’ and Queenstown ‘Open for Adventure’.

Finding outstanding imagery presented no challenge, but choosing from such a rich resource certainly did.

Once the storytelling aspects were locked down, our focus turned to selecting key data and carefully considering what to elevate as highlights and what had the most potential to illustrate as infographics. Then it became a pedantic layout and crafting task to create a beautiful document that would immediately impress, but also deliver the substance of the argument cogently and coherently.

The Results

Relentless roadshows to eight international markets with this material have already shown huge promise. One major deal has already been signed and there are currently four more under negotiation.

And every presentation resulted in the recipients specifically asking that they please keep the book . . .