Constant improvement

Client: NZ Post

POST217 IR case study 2023 v1

Evolving an award winning report, this year we strived for painting an even clearer picture of NZ Post's business and the future pathway that they are actioning. 

The Brief

Building on the success of the past four years, the NZ Post integrated report continues to evolve: engaging, human-centred stories; a stronger focus on commercial drivers and outcomes; and furthering the commitment to easy on-screen digestion. This year, the goal was to sharpen communiction effectiveness even further by being clearer, more succinct, and delivering a simple summary of key messages and performance strongly in the first few pages.

The Solution

As a result of this upfront thinking, the more concise, bite-sized stories and greater white space is very noticeable, with clearer takeaway messaging, callouts and friendly infographics to highlight key datapoints and meaningful progress. This year, we evolved the structure of the report, focusing the narrative chapters around NZ Post’s strategic pillars instead of the previous years’ input capitals. Those capitals, which NZ Post refer to as ‘Threads’, still feature strongly in the Value Creation Model, and each strategy narrative chapter provides clear connections back to the VCM. Connectivity to NZ Post’s material issues and the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals also help the reader join dots and categorise thoughts clearly.

Challenges during the year were faced openly and with heart, such as the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle and the closure of a mail centre. Similarly, important ESG and sustainability aspects were a central part of a fulsome business narrative, but always framed in highly human terms, not allowed to be reduced to tables of data. Where available, supporting videos were highlighted with simple url links provided.

To aid on-screen readership, we continued the screen-compatible landscape format that has been well received since adopted in 2022’s report.

NZ Post wished to celebrate their staff and contractors, and these people constitute the majority of the report’s photography as well as being the protagonists in many of the stories conveyed.

The Results

Each year NZ Post’s integrated report evolves and improves and this year’s report provides a clearer picture than ever of the company’s future pathway and how their action plans are steadily moving all aspects of the business towards the achievement of their ambitious goals.