A change of direction

Client: Fletcher Building

Fletcher Building AR 2018 Case Study 2

Fletcher Building’s 2018 Annual Report had a big job to do.

A report of two halves, the emphasis needed to be firmly on the new CEO’s strategy for the future, while still delivering the rear vision mirror view of the last 12 months.

After presenting three different creative territories with high communication potential, the platform of ‘Focus’ was selected – reflecting the essence of the new strategy which was to narrow the focus of the business in a number of ways. Visually this was implemented through the document by using a high proportion of images that really did focus on detail rather than be distracted by showing fulsome shots of major projects.

The future strategy was dealt with right up front in clear and simple terms, then revisited in more detail directly after the Chair and CEO reports. Given the year’s history of profit downgrades and market guidance pointing to a solid financial loss, the design of the report needed to stay structured, pragmatic and simply present the required information professionally and with gravitas.