Big goals, Big campaign

Client: Te Papa Tongarewa

TEP Bigger than Summer Campaign6

Te Papa asked us to put together a campaign to drive visitor numbers during the summer period, targeting the greater Wellington region families with kids. 

Most Wellingtonians have been, and say they intend to go to Te Papa again, but with an aversion to the tourist crowds in peak summer season and a feeling they've seen it all before, our job was to demonstrate that there was more to Te Papa that meets the eye, and create a sense of urgency and occasion that attracts them back now.

This summer say hi to Moa the big bird, catch a giant Squid, feed ice creams to an enormous raptor, see Lego at large, and check out the creative spirit from Te Papa’s iwi in residence. The idea behind the campaign, have a holiday at home, highlights all the things we love doing as a family over summer – going to the beach, fishing, ice creams, BBQs, drinks, etc. but that it could all be done at one place, Te Papa. The ‘bigger than summer' spin ties these summer activities back to Te Papa’s exhibitions and activities: either new attractions or those offering one final chance to experience.

The campaign captures a sense of fun, awe and wonder and that quintessential summer vibe. Channels selected, to add to that out-and-about summer feel, included online videos and banners, social, street posters, radio, and a promotional booklet for summer family hot spots.

It’s been a big summer with both Wellington attendance numbers and summer temperatures at a high.