Writing for Awareness

18 Dec 2017 by Laura Lock


Do you know what type of content our clients should be creating when they’re wanting to:

Educate customers about their new strategic direction for this year?

What about inspiring their customers to engage with their product more? 

Or convincing their customers that they should lease that new property… 

or perhaps our client’s goal is to entertain their customers

What sort of content should we help them create?

I have a super cool infographic to share with you that will help you answer all of the questions above – the Content Marketing Matrix.

What is it? It’s a content creators dream. It’s a tool that suggests the type of content clients (and therefore us, #ClientFirst) should be thinking about creating, depending on what they’re wanting to achieve. 


The Content Marketing Matrix


Source: Smart Insights

As you can see there are four quadrants that categories are split into (Entertain, Inspire, Educate and Convince) and along the outside are the overarching type of content you’ll be creating (Rational, Emotional, Awareness, Purchase). Inside the quadrants are the recommended best type of content to create!

Let’s give this some perspective, examples are our friend!

Buying a BBQ.

Last weekend (after years of wanting one) my husband and I bought our first BBQ. Pretty exciting, right? A lot of thought went into the purchase as we wanted one that would last, but didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily.

I’m sure you can appreciate that if you were in the market to buy a new BBQ, you’d want to shop around. Compare features, read reviews, compare prices, perhaps even watch videos about how to use them.

If you’re shopping for a BBQ then the goal of the marketer/content creator is to convince and inspire you to purchase one. Using the matrix above the best types of content you should have are: Celebrity endorsements, ratings/reviews, checklists, product feature documents and price lists.

Do you agree?

What about an Annual Report?

The primary goal of an annual report is to tell the corporate story and educate and inform shareholders of the companies activities and financial performance throughout the previous year and propose new goals for the year ahead. Shareholders are wanting to be reassured that their money is being spent well, and be convinced to continue to invest in the company. Some of the content created is very rational and analytical – very different from buying a BBQ - while the storytelling components are very much about painting a bigger picture: inspiring and convincing.

Do you agree?

We use these to support our strategy and design to deliver what the client is wanting to achieve.

There has been a huge amount of research poured into this way of thinking – it’s fascinating. You probably looked at the sheet above and thought “well yeah, that’s just common sense” – exactly – It’s all about knowing and creating the right kind of content for our customers, and their customers.


PS. We bought a Weber BBQ