Integrated Reporting Insights - How important is hard data?

16 Jun 2020 by Mike Tisdall

This video in our series on integrated reporting takes a look at the roles of qualitative vs quantitative information.

We often come across clients who know they need to embrace Integrated Reporting but feel they’re not ready to go there because of a lack of hard data. Our response to that is two-fold: 

  1. Starting on the journey towards Integrated Reporting is more important than producing the ideal report. This is not a game you can master overnight. Just get started with a report that has the right spirit and improve over time.
  2. Hard data is only part of the story. Your genuine stories and exposing the soul of your beliefs in action are just as important. The <IR> Framework spells this out: “The ability of the organization to create value can best be reported on through a combination of quantitative and qualitative information".

So, if your organisation has a conscious intent, and is deliberately dealing with activities that affect your people, your product and the planet in a cohesive way, you can definitely start on the integrated reporting journey. It will be the quality and genuineness of your thinking and actions that will set the scene in your early reports.

In the accompanying video, I show you how effective this can be.