Awards, awards and more awards

22 Jun 2016 by Mike Tisdall

Last week's Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA) resulted in massive success for every one of our clients who entered (all two of them!) But 100% success is still 100% success. And as Insight is the common denominator, let's draw this achievement to your attention.


NZ Super Fund

Not only did the 2015 NZ Super Fund annual report receive a Gold Award (one of only four New Zealand companies to receive a Gold), it also won best of two categories in the Special Awards:

Winner, Governance Reporting - Public Sector, and

Winner, Online Reporting - Public Sector

And all this on top of last month's win as Best Annual Report in the 2016 Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards

View the printed report case study here, and the online version here.

NZ Super Fund 2015 Annual Report spread

NZ Super Fund 2015 online annual report


Sanford Limited

Our Sanford Integrated Report also made a big impact at the Awards, also winning a Gold Award, and also taking out a total of three categories in the Special Awards:

Winner, Sustainability Reporting Award - Private Sector

Winner, Integrated Reporting

Winner, ARA Hong Kong Sustainability Award

View our case study on this Integrated Report here.

Sanford 2015 Annual Report Cover

Sanford 2015 Annual Report business model spread


Congratulations too, to the only other New Zealand company to win a Special Award: Watercare Services (Sustainability Reporting Award - Other).








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