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Carrying the 'tough' lessons forward

15 Apr 2024 by Steven Giannoulis

As another financial year ticks over and we start to focus on the next three-year strategic plan, I’ve been reflecting on the learnings from the tough…

Looking ahead to stay ahead

11 Dec 2023 by Steven Giannoulis

There are both threats and opportunities on the horizon that a little planning today will help you better prepare for.

As a small business it’s easy,…

What's your brand animal?

1 Nov 2022 by Steven Giannoulis

We’ve been doing a lot of brand refresh work lately, as many clients come out the other side of the COVID crisis with a new purpose and often a new st…

Purpose to your purpose

1 Nov 2022 by Steven Giannoulis

For a number of years we’ve worked with many clients helping them tell their story and express their purpose in order to engage their customers, inves…

Acting with purpose

9 Mar 2021 by Steven Giannoulis

I’m really enjoying the way that many businesses are embracing their purpose. For years, business saw their main reason for being as something like ‘d…

Wellbeing - the new lens on business performance?

29 Sep 2020 by Mike Tisdall

On the very same day in 1876 that Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent for the telephone in Washington D.C., Elisha Gray filed his in Illinois. And…

Becoming who we are

1 Sep 2020 by Steven Giannoulis

With a name like Giannoulis, I’m clearly not your traditional Kiwi of British colonial lineage. But I don’t think I am any less Kiwi than the decendan…

Let’s Keep Talking

7 Apr 2020 by Steven Giannoulis

The value of communicating in uncertain times

It’s human nature. It’s how we cope with uncertainty. In the absence of real information we use our jud…

Designing the Future

20 Aug 2019 by Steven Giannoulis

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend day one of Semi-Permanent – The Future of the Future. I do like going to these things and often walk away i…

Reviving and Revising Moments of Truth

20 Aug 2019 by Mike Tisdall

Moments of Truth is one of my go-to strategic tools when advising clients on customer-centricity, or more grimly, when trying to analyse and attemptin…

Branding a political party

23 Jul 2019 by Steven Giannoulis

“Change we can believe in…Yes We Can”Very few people will forget Barak Obama’s first presidential campaign in 2008. Regardless of your political leani…

Is authenticity real?

18 Jul 2019 by Steven Giannoulis

I recently attended the Digital Day Out (DDO) and noted that pretty much every speaker spoke about the need to be authentic. Speakers included a Googl…