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How we drive behaviour change

20 Jun 2023 by Steven Giannoulis

We’ve been helping numerous clients communicate to their audiences the need for change, in order to achieve more sustainable outcomes for them, for th…

Are logos really all starting to look the same?

11 Aug 2022 by Mike Tisdall

A recent article in Creative Bloq resonated strongly with observations I had recently been processing regarding the convergence in style of corporate…

Let’s Keep Talking

7 Apr 2020 by Steven Giannoulis

The value of communicating in uncertain times

It’s human nature. It’s how we cope with uncertainty. In the absence of real information we use our jud…

Reviving and Revising Moments of Truth

20 Aug 2019 by Mike Tisdall

Moments of Truth is one of my go-to strategic tools when advising clients on customer-centricity, or more grimly, when trying to analyse and attemptin…

Is authenticity real?

18 Jul 2019 by Steven Giannoulis

I recently attended the Digital Day Out (DDO) and noted that pretty much every speaker spoke about the need to be authentic. Speakers included a Googl…

Get personal or don’t bother

19 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis

I recently got a ‘Dear Valued Client’ letter from a supplier offering me a discount for the next time I used their services. It’s a supplier we work w…

Writing for Awareness

18 Dec 2017

Do you know what type of content our clients should be creating when they’re wanting to:

Educate customers about their new strategic direction for th…

Can you resist?

3 Apr 2017 by Steven Giannoulis

Over the weekend, I read a great book called Hidden Persuasion (Andrews, van Leeuwen & van Baaren). It’s a book about the persuasive techniques us…