Big brand thinking.

Client: Oji Fibre Solutions.

When Oji Group from Japan acquired Carter Holt Harvey’s (CHH) pulp and paper businesses in NZ and Australia, we were engaged to deliver the big thinking around the new brand. 

This needed to be a brand that captured the innovation, strength and reach introduced by Oji, while leveraging the significant existing brand equity associated with CHH’s reputation and heritage. 

Following the brand discovery exercise, we developed the overall brand strategy, brand story and core brand values. This was followed by the creation of a naming system and brand architecture, encompassing the many sub-brands, business lines, locations and products that fell under the Oji umbrella. Finally, we developed an extensive visual identity toolbox to express the brand and inform a multitude of brand rollout executions ranging from the website, signage, stationery, vehicles, merchandising and much more.

Big brands require big thinking and getting the upfront strategy right has allowed an innovative brand, with real strength, to be rolled out consistently by a multitude of agencies.

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