Redefine the playing field.

Client: Gravity Coffee.

We were commissioned to reposition the Burton Hollis coffee brand to help turn around a drop in market share. We designed a new, relevant, streetwise coffee brand that could compete head to head with their new competitors.

We created the name and visual presence – breaking from the traditional sector colour palette. Gravity repositioned coffee in New Zealand from its European roots to its real role as a contemporary social lubricant. Our packaging, coffee-cups, signage, point of sale and marketing collateral created a brand high on attitude and cut-through.

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19 Feb 2019 by Steven Giannoulis

Principled brand decisions

Developing a brand strategy means making a number of significant decisions that drive multiple aspects of an organisation. Working with clients, my aim is to agree brand principles upfront that help leadership teams...

13 Nov 2018 by Brian Slade

Brand perspectives

An early brand project risk analysis on all possible perspectives can save a bunch of rework, awkward pauses and electrical appliance analogies! (Keep reading and all that will make sense!) Working with a regional...

09 Oct 2018 by Mike Tisdall

What exactly is 'brand'?

It’s just one of those words, isn’t it? So open to interpretation. So dependent upon the predisposition of the listener or reader. Even after all these years in the branding and communication game, there are...