Multiple journeys; singular solution.

Client: Tamaki Regeneration Company.

The new Tamaki Regeneration website is actually two responsive sites built as one: seamlessly sharing a common database, functionality and content.

The main Tamaki site provides clear user journeys for the community, developers and investors and also potential home buyers, while the second - Tamaki Housing - site is operational, allowing administrative content to be managed for residents of the area’s social housing.  

Tamaki Regeneration is an evolving programme, so the most important user journey focuses on building a site platform that could grow and evolve over time as the programme, and the online needs of each of the audiences, evolves.

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28 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Does glitter work on everything?

Recently, my daughter had a eureka moment when she realised that by copying her project from Google Docs into a website template, it would invoke a completely different response or level of engagement from her...

13 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Semi Permanent - Day One

  Semi-Permanent has always been a calendar event, but previously there was never really enough ‘digital’ to justify shelling out any sort of investment. This year, however, the ‘Day One’ agenda looked...

18 Jan 2018 by Laura Lock

When was the last time you updated your website content?

Your website’s live – you worked so well to get all the copy and images looking their best. Everyone’s happy and the champagne is swinging. Fast forward six months. Everyone’s still happy but, the website...