Innovation meets innovation.

Client: Ponoko.

One of New Zealand’s entrepreneurial success stories, Ponoko is developing global standards in 3D printing, whilst also offering innovative thinkers the opportunity to have their ideas drawn up and produced.

Ponoko wanted to reflect their human-centred, innovative, leading edge offering online.

We developed an award winning e-commerce website that allowed like-minded people to produce and sell their innovative ideas and buy other’s truly creative new products.

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28 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Does glitter work on everything?

Recently, my daughter had a eureka moment when she realised that by copying her project from Google Docs into a website template, it would invoke a completely different response or level of engagement from her...

13 Aug 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman

Semi Permanent - Day One

  Semi-Permanent has always been a calendar event, but previously there was never really enough ‘digital’ to justify shelling out any sort of investment. This year, however, the ‘Day One’ agenda looked...

18 Jan 2018 by Laura Lock

When was the last time you updated your website content?

Your website’s live – you worked so well to get all the copy and images looking their best. Everyone’s happy and the champagne is swinging. Fast forward six months. Everyone’s still happy but, the website...