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A celebration of creative thinking - week 4

14 Jun 2019 by Alice McKeown

This week our creative celebration focused on Digital Solutions . Augmented Reality experiences, responsive websites, intranets and tactile hands on digital playtime in a sandpit. A variety of creative solutions for...

a celebration of creative thinking - week 4 alice mckeown

this week our creative celebration focused on digital solutions. augmented reality experiences, responsive websites, intranets and tactile hands on digital playtime in a sandpit. a variety of creative solutions for diverse user experiences.


here’s what the team put forward…

mercury build your own hydro network

love how digital came to life in a very tactile way. i’d never seen technology work like this before so for me this project was a very exciting, delightful experience. great opportunity to release the inner child and learn by doing.

jo ross


mercury showcase – ar waikato river

it was wonderful seeing this at our insight strategy day. from redrawing the river and contours, to the assorted animated / video / interactive and final ar elements, it brings together our wider skill sets and expertise across the team (and some outside help). a great creative, practical application of ar that will inform anyone from school age to old age about how power is generated and delivered to us all.

edwin hooper


insight’s ar wall

what better way to celebrate digital than one of the newer mediums within that world – augmented reality. it’s great to work at an agency that prioritises new tech, and learning about it. spearheading the design aspect of our spacewoman wall was a lot of fun for me. and at the end of all the thinking and doing from so many people here at insight, we have two gorgeous static artworks in our offices, which we can play and engage with over the coming months.

sarah turner 


meredith connell

the mc intranet demonstrates a really strong design solution showing growth and visual identity evolution. a highly technical and challenging project for the build and a hugely improved user experience. great solution within tight boundaries.

brian slade 


watercare annual report – online

a great example of how to successfully take a strong print design and apply this to a digital setting. engaging animated interactions help bring the content to life while warm, people-focused images continue to tell the brand story.

alice mckeown


snickel lane website

the snickel lane website strikes the perfect balance between functionality of a responsive website and an interesting design idea that stands out. the site loads quickly on multiple devices, and draws you in, with highlighted headlines and creative imagery of street food markets.

anna charlett

design, creative celebration, insight creative, digital, augmented reality, ar, websites

A celebration of creative thinking - week 3

07 Jun 2019 by Alice McKeown

This week our team focused on examples of Illustration , and its effective use to communicate a creative idea. Helping the viewer navigate content with often abstract themes, challenging content or sensitive...

a celebration of creative thinking - week 3 alice mckeown

this week our team focused on examples of illustration, and its effective use to communicate a creative idea. helping the viewer navigate content with often abstract themes, challenging content or sensitive topics. here’s what the team had to say…

heartland good motoring programme

as part of the visual identity for the good motoring loyalty programme, insight created a simple and friendly illustration that speaks of a positive driving experience. it successfully communicates the idea that driving is a feel-good experience, that gets even better with driving tips, motoring discounts, and rewards offered to heartland customers as part of the loyalty program. simple, fresh and energetic illustration of a happy driver zooming in their new car is a successfully executed single minded idea – thumbs up from me! 

anna charlett


te ture, the law

this beautiful pattern was created for meredith connell offices. insight worked with the artist arekatera maihi to create this taniko design. the forms have a strong reference to protection, connectivity, genealogy, strength, structure and foundations. the artist described the meaning behind the work as follows: “the black outer diagonal bar forms the roof a whare or house – the sheltered safe zone to work in, as well as the law which employees work with and strive to uphold. the internal black bar looks at the connections, the foundations and core of the business. this all sits safely under the roof of the whare. inside of those areas is the most sacred part of the whare – that is the people, the communities, the families and the workers. this talks about the responsibilities of the company for its clients' whanau and staff. the black niho all face up so as not to be seen to be biting down on the people.”

jo ross


blake identity

intelligent and considered use of an illustrative element for our rebrand of the sir peter blake trust. a distinctive and unique marque.

brian slade


financial markets authority

this social media campaign worked so well because most content we see about boring things like investments can be a bit dry. cue the cute illustrated animation about learning to swim! the style is contemporary and clean, with a distinct kiwi feel – no wonder it was a big hit!

sarah turner


auckland council – parks, sport and recreation

i like that the illustration and illustrated-style text helps to make the information easily digestible and unites three diverse departments together with ease. the illustration style successfully allows the information to be split into three, or broken down further to be used across a range of platforms at a variety of scales.

alice mckeown


nz drug foundation

an exciting illustration for a space which is aptly named the catalyst room. here the illustration is a hardworking communication tool – delivering a wide scope of thoughts, initiatives, events and stories for the nz drug foundation. this is all achieved in a friendly and open style, creating sparks of interest through use of brand colour and additional ‘added-value’ quirk that only experienced illustrators can offer to an already content rich brand communication piece such as this.

chris gough palmer


matters of substance – cover

we’ve used a number of illustrative elements across work for the nz drug foundation. one primary reason is its flexibility to use a metaphoric or symbolic approach to develop imagery that communicates the story, or some context to the story – without showing drug use directly. we’ve developed a series of illustrations showing the history of drugs in nz, and typographic-led illustrations with information about individual drugs. this recent cover uses a stock image base, supported by typographic elements to create a generic ‘protest’ movement of people campaigning against the ‘war on drugs’. the ‘war on us’ term refers to the failings of the war on drugs and treating drug use as a criminal issue over a health one.

edwin hooper

design, creative celebration, insight creative, illustration

A celebration of creative thinking - week 2

30 May 2019 by Alice McKeown

Continuing this new series, where we stop occasionally and take some time to celebrate our creative achievements. This week, I've focused around the theme ‘ great ideas ’. It was great to see a wide variety of work...

a celebration of creative thinking - week 2 alice mckeown

continuing this new series, where we stop occasionally and take some time to celebrate our creative achievements. this week, i've focused around the theme ‘great ideas’. it was great to see a wide variety of work coming through from the past 12 months. clear, strategic thinking helped to solve and navigate complex briefs. all projects chosen were excellent examples of how balancing strategy and design is essential to communicate a ‘great idea’.

breadcraft – cottage lane

simplicity is a great idea.

as designers we can quite often get carried away with details and seduced by the unnecessary – confusing what is trying to be communicated. the cottage lane logo is a good example of a good idea simplified. with the name at the core of the idea, it is presented as an elementary laneway sign, using classic street-sign typography and a recognisable street-sign shape. you get it, a nod to classic european street experience, the cafés, the food, all echoed too in the packaging through the traditional ‘naked’ presentation of the fresh product.

chris gough palmer


airways brand

the big idea behind airways branding is a “going beyond” story to define the essence of the brand. it expresses the role of airways in the modern era, doing more than just guiding planes to land safely. with a customer first ethos, and using cutting edge technology to deliver beneficial outcomes. i love this idea because it’s dynamic and exciting; there is always more to be discovered, implemented, and delivered to their customers. the visual identity that followed expressed that story. triangles facing forward and up express the forward motion and innovation, generous tracking in heading type treatment creates a sense of space and energy, combined with a bright and bold colour palette and future focused, fresh imagery, creates a compelling and forward thinking identity.

anna charlett


insight’s new website

i think it was a great idea to put energy into refreshing and updating the insight website. as a design agency i think it is really important for anything created that represents ‘us’ to be at the same level as something we would create for our clients. after all, it’s generally the first piece of work clients will see.

alice mckeown


insight’s ar wall (featured in insight’s offices)

there are so many exciting layers of thinking within this project. i think it’s a really smart idea to capture our vast range of capabilities in a piece of technology that we can show to clients and help them understand and buy into ar. it successfully represents what insight stands for as a business. a true result of learning, pushing the boundaries and collaborating as a team.

jo ross


mashmaster’s mallington - insight's end of year christmas gift

the mallington. this baked goodie not only supported the ‘big idea’ behind the gift it was a part of (two complementary forces coming together to create a better end result), but was delicious enough for both eyes and tongue that one of our clients is getting it re-made for her wedding! it shows that not all ‘design’ ends up printed on a piece of paper, or formed in pixels on a website.

sarah turner


mercury showcase

this project was so deserving in recognition across the whole of company. from the initiative to invest in the project, used as a testing ground and the ongoing development of strategic creative idea generation. i think it’s lifted us all to another level of expectation.

brian slade


design, creative celebration, insight creative, big idea, single organising thought

A creative celebration - week 1

21 May 2019 by Alice McKeown

Since I started at Insight Creative, there has been much talk about how we need to stop occasionally and take the time to celebrate our creative achievements. So with that in mind, let me introduce examples of great...

a creative celebration - week 1 alice mckeown

since i started at insight creative, there has been much talk about how we need to stop occasionally and take the time to celebrate our creative achievements. so with that in mind, let me introduce examples of great typography created within the walls of insight within the last 12 months, as seen through the eyes of our design team:

custom typography / nz super

i just think it’s great that we took the time to create something bespoke for a client that many people might consider ‘a bit dry’. it’s going the extra mile for them, but also gives us something to feel chuffed about. the theme of the report was constant change, so the fact that the typogrpahy character changes and evolves throughout the document is really fascinating.
sarah turner


handwritten type / victoria university

the typography used for victoria university's 2019 recruitment campaign successfully delivers the concept of thoughts swirling around a young person’s mind. the hand-written form, using various sizes, cases, and styles, conveys the different options/thoughts when considering their future career, while also subtly promoting wellington. this all reinforces the strategic idea that you know your mind and that vic will teach you how to think, not what to think. composing those different type treatments together, evokes a compelling visual that connects with potential students making those big choices; it cleverly delivers the message that victoria university is the place where you can decide the route to fulfil your potential.
anna charlett


creating a 'black' font / breadcraft 

when do you get a chance to use a ‘black’ font? in my experience not that often. with this new range of wraps, we were aiming to express the ‘rebel’ at every touchpoint, and so we combined a slightly redrawn version of black future, redrawn copperplate gothic 33bc, aardvark and trade gothic. 
— brian slade


typography as a graphic device /  nzso

i really like the way the typography is the central graphical device in bringing the idea to life: “so… let’s begin. so… on with the show” is a really clever idea. bold and simple, with good use of colour and scale. 
— jo ross


architecturally inspired typography / 7 waterloo quay

we are working with argosy on some signage elements for 7 waterloo quay (formerly known as nz post house). we’ve developed a typographic approach informed by the brutalist architecture of the building. the feature 7 graphic made up of elements echoing ‘7’ and of similar proportion to concrete elements used in the building. 
— edwin hooper


good ol' helvetica neue / auckland airport annual report

here it is presented boldly in the airport's report. amongst the billion dollar busyness and ongoing construction at auckland airport, the typography adds a sense of confidence, clarity and calm; expressing the ongoing growth of the airport’s infrastructure through the repeated titles – underpinning the theme of the report ‘delivering, planning, building’. and of course the way it translates online is also great (as it should).
chris gough palmer

wordmark / mashmaster

the typography created/used for mashmaster word-based card game instantly reinforces the concept or ‘big idea’. by combining the ‘h’ and ‘m’ the concept of two elements combining to create a unique hybrid is visually represented. it shows the amalgamation of two elements becoming a quirky, and creative final product.
— alice mckeown 


design, creative celebration, insight creative, crafted typography, typography
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